About Us

Since 1986 the Gourmet Center, Inc., a leading food and beverage logistics company, has focused solely on supplying the airline industry, nationally and internationally. We work with U.S. and European manufacturers and processors through our San Francisco, Dallas, and Netherland offices to deliver high quality products to travelers worldwide.

Our registered brand, Gourmet Center®, provides airline customers with the assurance that our products are made to the highest hygiene standards and have met rigid quality control requirements. All supplier facilities are personally inspected by us.

Our corporate branding is used when a superior product is either not US known or nationally recognizable. For example, Biscoff cookies from Belgium were introduced to the US under the Gourmet Center brand. For well known US brands, such as Dole, Heinz, Keebler and Tillamook, we provide the same high level of marketing and logistical support in both Europe and the US that we employ for our own branded product.